Picking the right wardrobe for your headshots is very important.  The images below are specifically to help you choose the best clothing options for your actor headshots.   

Please focus on what the subject of the pictures are wearing and not their ages or ethnicities.  

When selecting your wardrobe options focus on the upper body.  Don’t worry about shoes, belts or other accessories.

Stay away from large logos or graphics.  Solids are okay as long as they have some texture to them such as a sweater or and interesting neckline.

Layering is good.   

NO whiteblackgrayNEONtans or beiges and no pastels.  Keep red and bright green to a minimum or use as an underneath layer.  
Brighter colors, jewel tones work well,  clothing that is rich in pigment.  Solids are fine as long as the fabric has some texture… like a sweater or crocheted or ribbed, ect…   

Jewel tones are colors similar to:   O O O O O O O O O O O

Look for necklines that are interesting but not distracting… same with prints. No big or busy patterns or prints.  No sequence or bows or flowers hanging off the clothing.

Focus on upper body only.  The bottom half can be jeans or flip flops.



Of course there are exceptions to all these rules but if you stay within these guide lines you’ll have a much better selection to pull from.

Men, try to limit the number of plaids and stripes.  Don’t bring 5 solid shirts with 5 coordinating plaid shirt layered over them.  Mix it up a bit.

To see bigger versions of these images just click on the grid and a larger version will open up.  Click again to minimize.


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