Hair & Make-up


Come to your session as camera ready as possible.   Your hair and make up should be done and ready to go.

It is best to do your own hair and make-up so that your headshot looks like you and not some make-up artist’s rendition of you.

I was a hairdresser and make-up artist for 20 years so I am very hands on with the hair while we are shooting and in between changes.   I can also help with minor style changes.

Retouching is done on the 10 best images from your session so I will be touching up blemishes,  evening out skin tone  and doing other things that make-up cannot do.   All retouching is done in a way that leaves you flawless but very natural.

Women:   It is best to keep your make-up natural and bring your own make up with you for touch ups, add ons and/or changes.  

Men:   I do not recommend you wear make-up.  The cameras now are too high resolution and you will be able to tell you have make-up on.   If I have to fix it in Photoshop during  post production most likely you will look overly retouched.   Please limit your make up to lip balm and let me worry about the rest.  

Kids:  NO MAKE-UP on kids under 13 with the exception of lip balm, gloss or chapstick.   No sparkly lips. 

Below are some examples of before and after retouching of some of the more extreme cases so you can see what to expect.

To see larger versions of these images click on the picture and then click again to minimize.



Briana B4Briana Aft

Boy B4Boy Aft

Girl B4Girl Aft